Darts for all Nigerians (a.k.a Darts4naija) is a national campaign aimed at promoting Darts at a national level.
The program offers free darts equipment to persons who are members of our FIJIASEN club that are interested in acquiring and developing darts playing skills.
One Unicorn XL Darts board, One DB 180 Unicorn Dart board. Unicorn steel tip darts arrows and wallets shall be offered to persons who express their interest by weekly entering into the program.


The cost to entering for the program is N200


1. Log into your FIJIASEN club account.
2. Click on the enter game link on the left vertical side banner.
3. Fill the enter game form (sample below) by providing the following parameter.
a. Game Code -Select Darts2naija from the drop down
b. Answer- Enter Darts4naija.
c. click on Submit.

1. Prospective participant must be a valid registered member of FIJIASEN club.
2. Members credit balance in the wallet of their e-p account must be greater than cost of entry.
3. Entry must reach the server on or before Sunday, 12.00 mid -mid night of the week.
3. Winners shall be selected via raffle draw.
4. FIJIASEN club terms and condition shall apply.

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